Ceramics and Sculpture

April Young is an established British sculptor producing expressive, figurative pieces in a variety of materials from clay to foundry bronze. Movement and the natural world, in particular sensitive, yet unsentimental animal studies are strong features in the work. Her concepts are often enriched by her love of literature, folklore and mythology

Over the years April has grown a reputation most closely associated with horses as a main subject. The surfaces of her Carousel horses reflect the many different cultural elements that have produced the relationship between man and horse. The starting point for this is from the artist’s own childhood and life journey, but reaches out to other landscapes, real and imaginary, as the adolescent mind dreams of possible futures... Click here to read more…
Dancing Flame
Walter Awlson studied furniture design and sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art and graduated in 1971 before moving on to gain his Certificate in Secondary Education. He became a teacher and over the next 20 years developed the SCOTVEC national certificate courses in Art and Design as well as working as an Examiner, Marker, Subject Assessor and Verifier.

Early in the nineties Walter left teaching to concentrate on his own artwork both as a painter and as a sculptor. In particular he developed highly rated work in slip-cast sculpture and began to exhibit his sculptures in galleries throughout the UK. Accordingly it is for his sculpting that he has become best known although his painting, particularly his figurative work, is highly rated. Click here to read more…
Kate Kneeling
45cm tall
Michael McManus was born and brought up in Dalkeith and has lived and worked in the Lothians all his life.

He left school to immediately begin work in a craft that had been his calling from a very early age, simply loving the creative satisfaction that he derived from carving, shaping and finishing natural wood. He has been a professional woodcarver sculptor for over 20 years.

Michael has exhibited his creations widely, mainly in his native Scotland, but also at Shows in England where he has participated in Garden Exhibitions and specific Design Fairs. Click here to read more…
60cm tall
John von Wiese was introduced to the Gullane Art Gallery by his friend and fellow sculptor Mike Davies. They both originate from Cape Town, South Africa.

John was born in Cape Town and studied textile design at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. His early years were spent among the African bushveld wildlife and his plentiful access to the wild and natural of Limpopo River left him with experiences that created a deep empathy for the veld and all her creatures.

These strong core experiences and his passion for fine art bronzing inspire and motivate John’s sculpting. Click here to read more…
Horse Bust
Laurence Broderick ARBS FRSA Laurence Broderick was born in Bristol in 1935. He studied painting, illustration and sculpture under Ray Millard and Geoffrey Deeley at the Regent Street polytechnic in the mid 50’s and then attended the Hammersmith School of Art in 1964 and 65 under Sidney Harpley and Keith Godwin.

Laurence began his artistic career as an historical and educational illustrator and painter. He taught Art at the Haberdashers’ Aske’s School in Elstree from 1959 and was Director of Art there for 16 years, from 1965 – 81. Click here to read more…
Playful Otter Maquette IX
Bronze Sculpture