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Six years have passed since Jack’s good friend and gallerist Roy McGregor published his biography “Jack Morrocco - A Work in Progress” and it was only when looking back through the images in the book which represented his work up until 2010 that Jack realised that it did not fully represent his work as it is now. Many of the paintings in this new book have been printed in various individual exhibition catalogues in the intervening years but Jack thought it would be worthwhile bringing a selection together to mark another milestone along his artistic journey. It’s not so much a new book as an update on the existing one.

Jack titled this collection “Picture Book” simply because there are not many words and, as he is reliably informed that no-one really reads the text of an art book. Whether that is the case or not, he has added a few paragraphs here and there to describe how some works came about or some background information which might add to the whole.

Greywalls is unique.
   It is uniquely situated, uniquely founded on the visual arts, and with a history that is both fascinating and multi-faceted. It has important architecture, with interiors and artefacts that are both period, yet manifestly homely. It has wonderful grounds and gardens that are both extensive and significant.
   As a Country House Hotel for the past sixty five years, it lays claim to being the first of its genre in Britain, and today boasts a restaurant run by the international doyen of fine dining, Albert Roux.
    Located alongside and overlooking Muirfield Golf Course, home of what is widely accepted as the oldest golf club in the world, where the very rules of golf were written in 1744, many of the world’s greatest golfers have graced the Greywalls threshold and discovered its “lucky” charm.
   This book takes you there, covers all these aspects in detail – and in a way that echoes the style of the place; relaxed, comfortable and graceful.
   It is lavishly illustrated, not just with photographs, but with the work of ten established Scottish contemporary artists who spent eighteen months completing a unique collection of paintings that portray Greywalls in all its glory and through its many “gems”.
Greywalls – a hidden gem.

Available only at Gullane Art Gallery
& Greywalls Hotel

Price: £40 + P&P

28 February 2013 - News Article in the East Lothian Courier

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Written and produced by Gallery owner Roy McGregor the book is part biography and part commentary on the dexterity and versatility of contemporary Scottish Colourist Jack Morrocco who, although in only mid career, is fast becoming recognised for the high quality of his work across a range of artistic genres.

Lavishly illustrated with the artist’s paintings throughout, the book deals with each style and subject in detail by chapter, and the artist is unusually open in revealing his techniques and processes.

Written in an uncomplicated and easy style the book is intended to appeal to a wide audience with comment and quotations from the artist scattered throughout. The author gained access to Morrocco in studio over a lengthy period and in a way that no-one has done before. This includes a three day period devoted to the creation of a new painting caught by camera pictorially throughout its various stages of development, until finally signed

by the artist, and set out in the book with a chapter devoted to the experience – a quite unique and revealing insight into the artist at work.

The book is for sale direct from Gullane Art Gallery (just phone or e-mail) and also through Waterstones and the National Gallery for Scotland bookshop plus Amazon via their website. Price - £30 (plus £6 postage and packaging where appropriate).

To obtain a copy please call 01620 843082 or e-mail

28 February 2013 - News Article in the East Lothian Courier

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